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CVA to Congress: Find a Long-Term Fix for Veterans Health

By Concerned Veterans for America

Group says Congress should solve urgent VA funding crisis, but then move to longer-term reforms.

Arlington, Va. – Concerned Veterans for America is calling on Congress to generate a long-term solution to the health-care crisis that has plagued the Veterans Health Administration for years, on the heels of news that VA Secretary Shulkin has told Congress that funding will run out for a key program offering health care choices to veterans.

CVA Executive Director Daniel Caldwell released this statement:

“This funding problem is just the latest in a series of crises plaguing the VA’s government-run health-care system. Congress should swiftly move to keep the Veterans Choice Program funded into the new year, but then lawmakers need to get serious about passing longer-term solutions instead of continuing to dump ever-increasing amounts of taxpayer dollars into a broken system.

“We’re pleased that Senators McCain and Moran have introduced a substantive bill to stabilize the VA health care system, and our grassroots volunteers plan to press for its passage along with other broader and longer-term reforms.”

The grassroots organization has been aggressively advocating for a long-term solution that preserves the Veterans Health Administration but also offers veterans access to the best possible care available, regardless of the provider.

Last week, CVA sent a letter of support on Friday, thanking Senators McCain and Moran for introducing legislation would offer veterans more health care options and provide much-needed reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical system. Specifically, the group said the bill would facilitate more timely care and improve integration with community care providers.


For years, CVA has advocated for substantial health care reforms at the VA. In CVA’s Fixing Veterans Health Care Taskforce, the group advocates that veterans should have the option to take their earned health care benefits and use them to access care at the VA or in the private sector.

Beyond advocating for stabilizing the Veterans Choice Program, the grassroots group recently thanked Rep. Lamborn and his cosponsors for introducing the Veterans Empowerment Act in the House of Representatives, which addresses many of the major concerns laid out by CVA’s task force. Read more here.

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