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CVA blasts decision to deploy 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe

By Concerned Veterans for America

Veterans group calls move precipitous and unwise


ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Wednesday responded to the Biden administration’s decision to deploy or move some 3,000 U.S troops to Eastern Europe in response to recent tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

CVA Senior Advisor Dan Caldwell had this to say on behalf of the organization:

“There are no vital national interests at stake in Ukraine that warrant the deployment of thousands of troops to Eastern Europe. This move by the Biden administration is precipitous and only increases the risk of the United States getting sucked into a war with Russia. With our troops still engaged in combat operations in the Middle East and Africa, this will put further strain on our military when we have more pressing priorities at home and abroad. With a record national debt that now tops $30 trillion, economic challenges like inflation, and challenges with China’s rise in Asia, the last thing the United States need is a war with a nuclear-armed power.

“Deploying 3,000 troops will not significantly enhance U.S. capabilities in Eastern Europe and could send confusing signals to Russia, Ukraine, and other actors in the region that we are expanding our security commitments. Instead of deploying more troops to Europe and taking actions that could lead to war, the United States should make clear it does not support NATO membership for Ukraine while continuing to support diplomatic efforts to resolve the standoff.”