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CVA Applauds TN Veterans Caucus for Defending Vets in Tax Hike Ploy

By Concerned Veterans for America

Nashville, TN Today the Tennessee Veterans Caucus put forth a resolution to protect veterans who are being used in a recent state tax hike ploy. The Veterans Caucus’ resolution calls for the veterans amendment to be pulled from Governor Bill Haslam’s $355 million gas tax increase proposal.

The Tennessee Senate Transportation Committee recently approved an amended version of Governor Haslam’s bill. The updated version includes a small tax relief for veterans which would exempt them from paying property taxes under certain circumstances, but would not protect them from the impact of the massive gas tax hike.

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Executive Director Mark Lucas issued the following statement:

We applaud the Veterans Caucus for standing up for Tennessee veterans being used as a front to garner support for Governor Haslam’s $355 million tax hike proposal. It’s insulting to assume Tennesseans would be fooled by this disingenuous attempt to make a bad policy look good on paper. If the Governor’s gas tax increase were popular among Tennesseans, politicians wouldn’t have to resort to these methods and stoop to these lows. 

“The sad truth is that this gas tax will hurt families and veterans alike who rely on affordable transportation in the state. Veterans do deserve property tax relief when it’s done in a fair, transparent and authentic manner. The Tennessee legislature should drop the act and reject this horrendous tax increase proposal.”

If passed, the gas tax increase would have a devastating impact on hardworking Tennessee families and veterans who rely on affordable transportation. Next year, the gas tax would be increased by 4 cents. In each subsequent fiscal year it would increase by 1 cent.

The Tennessee state government is currently sitting on a $2 billion surplus.