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CVA Applauds Rep. Coffman’s Pragmatic Alternative to the Defense Sequester

By Concerned Veterans for America

For Immediate Release: Arlington, VA – With sequestration now just days away, it appears our President and most lawmakers are ready to throw in the towel, pass the buck, and allow the “meat axe” to fall. However, CVA recently found a Congressman—an Iraq war veteran—striving for smart solutions to our fiscal crisis. We commend him for these efforts:

Concerned Veterans for America applauds Representative Mike Coffman (Colorado-6) for courageously proposing pragmatic and responsible solutions to fiscal challenges within the Department of Defense. His recent op-ed in the Denver Post “There are Smarter Ways to cut Defense Spending” outlines potential spending reductions that preserve our strategic posture and military readiness, thereby avoiding sequestration. As a military veteran of 21 years, Rep. Coffman understands where DoD can cut “fat” in order to preserve “muscle” and we look forward to working with him to advance sensible DoD spending policy. “While advocates on both sides of the aisle will take issue with specific line-items in Rep. Coffman’s proposal, they cannot quibble with his premise: the time for action is now to reform the way Washington spends money and ensure the Pentagon isn’t hit with indiscriminate budget cuts. With our country’s fiscal state, sound solutions are needed to tackle our debt as well as deconstruct the looming threat of sequestration. With Rep. Coffman’s military and legislative experience, his voice should be heard—and respected.”

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