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CVA applauds nomination of Robert Wilkie for VA Secretary

By Concerned Veterans for America

ARLINGTON, Va.–Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is welcoming the news that President Trump will nominate Acting Secretary Robert Wilkie to continue leading the Department of Veterans Affairs. The grassroots group highlighted that Wilkie is well-qualified to lead the department and collaborate with Congress and the Trump administration to implement much-needed reforms.CVA Executive Director Dan Caldwell released this statement:

“In the month or so he has been at the VA, we have been very impressed with Acting secretary Wilkie. He has already proven himself as a staunch advocate for veterans and a capable leader at the VA during a time of immense change. We’re pleased to see he will move through the confirmation process in order to continue leading the department and implementing critical policy changes to improve the way health care is delivered to our veterans.  We look forward to continuing the important work of ensuring the VA is modernized and reformed to serve a new generation of veterans.”


In a recent interview on Fox and Friends First, Caldwell discussed the prospects of Wilkie as the next VA Secretary. Some highlights of the interview:

“[Wilkie] is a veteran himself of both the Air Force and the Navy, and he’s still serving as the Undersecretary of Personnel at the DoD while he is serving as Acting VA Secretary – so helping manage the two largest government bureaucracies. He is someone who has the right mindset. He unequivocally supports the Trump VA reform agenda.”

“[Wilkie] makes it very clear that he supports more health care choice for veterans … in the month or so he has been at the VA, we have been very impressed with Acting secretary Wilkie.”

Concerned Veterans for America has advocated for a nominee who will bring a steady hand to the helm of the VA, stressing the importance of stabilizing the Veterans Choice Program, preserving veterans’ health care choice, and quelling the turmoil that has plagued the VA and the programs on which millions of veterans rely.

From Modern Healthcare, 4/26/2018:

“The White House should take its time to carefully select and vet a new nominee for VA secretary,” Caldwell said. “The VA currently has a competent acting secretary in Robert Wilkie who can manage the VA along with the rest of his leadership team while the White House selects a new VA secretary nominee and the Senate goes through the confirmation process.”

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