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CVA announces 2021 federal policy priorities

By Concerned Veterans for America

Veterans group pursuing common ground to drive positive solutions for American foreign policy, veterans’ health care, and responsible federal spending


ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Thursday announced its 2021 federal policy priorities, laying out its positions and approach to driving positive policy solutions for veterans, military families, and all Americans. The group looks to build on its policy progress from the last few years, renewing the call for an end to ‘endless wars’, and more freedom for veterans seeking health care, and a more secure financial future through responsible and sustainable federal spending.

“This is a critical time for the United States on many issues,” said Nate Anderson, CVA Executive Director. “For CVA, we think the issues outlined in this agenda are key areas where we can work with the new administration, Congress, and our grassroots coalitions to continue making progress and improving people’s lives.”

The group’s agenda outlines issues in three broad areas – foreign policy, VA services and veterans’ health care, and responsible federal spending to protect the long-term interests of the country.

“As veterans, we have unique insight into America’s foreign policy, a personal connection to health care and services at the VA, and a continued desire to protect America from the threat of our unsustainable spending,” Anderson continued. “These are issues that will have lasting effects on our nation, and we believe these proposals will make a positive impact in our future.”

To achieve these goals, CVA will utilize the full force of its grassroots army, partner with principled leaders willing to engage in effective nonpartisan reform, and continue to incentivize lawmakers to put principled policy before divisive partisanship.

“Collaboration across the political spectrum is critical to challenging the status quo on any issue,” Anderson concluded. “That is our commitment, and we stand ready to work with anyone toward a better future for America and its citizens.”

CVA’s 2021 policy agenda dives deeper into each of the primary areas outlined, calling for specific reforms, policies, and changes to be pursued. You can read the entire 2021 policy agenda and supporting policy positions here.