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Concerned Veterans for America’s Top Five Questions for the GOP Debate

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, Va.Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) today released its top five questions for participants in tonight’s GOP debate. These questions address topics that affect millions of service members, veterans and their families, and in fact, all Americans, and we hope the moderators of tonight’s debate will give them the attention they deserve: 1) There are more than 20 million veterans in the United States, many of whom are still having trouble accessing health care through the VA. Additionally, a recent Gallup poll found that 87 percent of Americans think reforming veterans’ health care should be a priority. Given the extensive problems at the VA, do you think the department needs reform, and if so, what reforms would you embrace to ensure our veterans receive care? 2) In the last week, we learned that two senior VA employees who defrauded taxpayers of nearly half a million dollars had their punishments overturned by federal judges. What would each individual on stage do to ensure that the federal government and its employees are held to the same standard as hard-working Americans across the country? 3) Service members, veterans and their families face unique and specific challenges — dealing with the uncertainty of the world around them, navigating bureaucratic rules and processes to access the benefits they’ve earned, and shouldering the burdens that are inherent in serving on the front lines to protect the country. Why should they trust you with this office? 4) Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, has stated that our national debt is the greatest threat to our national security, an especially poignant point in light of the news that our debt passed $19 trillion this week. Do you agree with Admiral Mullen, and if so, what would you do to reduce federal spending and get the debt under control? 5) Recent reports have found that the Department of Defense has wasted billions of taxpayer dollars, dollars that could and should have gone to our warfighters. What would you do as chief executive to eliminate waste and ensure our military receives the funding it needs?

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