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Concerned Veterans for America Launches Campaign Targeting the National Debt

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, Va.Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) today launched “Target the Debt,” a national campaign aimed at raising awareness of the United States’ unsustainable spending levels and growing national debt which threaten our nation’s economic strength and national security. The first major campaign by any veterans’ group specifically focused on reducing the debt, “Target the Debt” will educate the public and encourage members of Congress and the White House to embrace sensible, responsible reforms that decrease spending and address the primary drivers of our national debt.

The national debt, which currently surpasses $19 trillion, poses an enormous long-term threat to the nation’s well-being, constraining economic growth and obligating ever-increasing funds to pay off the interest on that debt. These dynamics reduce our country’s ability to provide for a strong national defense and weaken our economy – which has always been the primary source of our national strength.

Recent polling finds that most veterans agree with this assessment. A Tarrance Group poll commissioned by Concerned Veterans for America and released in October 2015 found that 78 percent of veterans believe America’s national debt is a threat to our national security.

Dan Caldwell, CVA’s vice president for legislative and political action, released the following statement regarding the “Target the Debt” campaign:

“We and our families did not serve and sacrifice for this country only to see our national leadership, in both parties, recklessly increase federal spending and mortgage our future for short-sighted political gain. The math is simple: we cannot afford to keep piling up debt, and not expect to see our economic might dissipate and our national security imperiled. This is the issue of our time, and just as we once fought on the battlefield for the country we love, we will continue to fight for policies which preserve freedom and prosperity here at home.”

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