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Concerned Veterans for America Fully Supports American Legion Call to Fire Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki

By Concerned Veterans for America

Concerned Veterans for America Fully Supports American Legion Call to Fire Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki

CVA Also Voices Need for Accountability throughout VA

Arlington, VA.Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) fully supports The American Legion and agrees with their decision to call for the firing of Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki—the same call to action CVA made one year ago. Pete Hegseth, CEO of CVA, issued the following statement: “We’re proud to stand with The American Legion as they take this courageous—and historic stand. As America’s largest veterans organization, their moral authority on this issue is unimpeachable.  We applaud their demands for accountability at the very top of the Department of Veterans Affairs. “As the American Legion knows, it is important to note that firing Shinseki will not solve VA’s systemic problems. What the VA really needs is oversight and accountability.  The next VA secretary must be given the tools to enforce accountability—which is why CVA, along with the American Legion, supports the VA Management Accountability Act of 2014 (HR4031/S2013). “Firing Shinseki, without passing this critical—and bipartisan—legislation, will be a hollow victory for veterans.  Accountability needs to start at the top, but must also be infused in all aspects of VA.  We need to replace Shinseki with a VA secretary who is fully empowered to change the culture at VA and implement long-overdue reforms.”

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