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Concerned Veterans for America Condemns Hillary Clinton for Minimizing Problems at VA

By Concerned Veterans for America

Concerned Veterans for America Condemns Hillary Clinton for Minimizing Problems at VA

Interview Shows That Mrs. Clinton Supports Preserving Status Quo and Has No Plan To Reform and Fix the VA

Arlington, Va. – Today, in response to Hillary Clinton saying in an interview with Rachel Maddow that the problems at the VA have not been “as widespread” as they have been made out to be, while also attacking those who want to reform the system, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) CEO Pete Hegseth issued the following statement:

“Hillary Clinton has shown that just like the Obama Administration, of which she was a part, she will minimize the deep-rooted problems within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and engage in partisan attacks against those who propose real and fundamental reform.

“Clinton also demonstrated that she has no plan to reform and fix the VA – which is astounding considering recent evidence that last year’s reforms are being undermined and are not improving the situation within the VA.

“Mrs. Clinton is clearly out of touch with reality when it comes to veterans’ needs, and despite her self-professed lack of understanding of VA issues, is more interested in defending the status quo and entrenched special interests than in actually advocating for the reforms veterans want.

“Mrs. Clinton should do a better job researching veterans’ issues before presuming to tell them what’s good for them. Polling has shown repeatedly that upwards of 90 percent of veterans want reform, choice, and accountability within the VA. Even the independent assessment commissioned by the VA itself of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) called for a “system-wide reworking” of the VHA and showed that in many cases the care at the VA is below the standards of the private sector.

“Veteran-centered reform will only happen when politicians acknowledge the widespread institutional rot at the VA. With her comments Friday, Mrs. Clinton has shown that she is part of the problem, not the solution.”

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