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Concerned Veterans for America Calls on President Obama To Visit Phoenix VA Hospital While In Arizona

By Concerned Veterans for America

President Obama Has Been MIA In The Fight To Fix The VA

Arlington, Va. – Today, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) called on President Obama to visit the scandal-plagued Phoenix VA hospital during his visit to Arizona on Thursday. While in Arizona, President Obama is delivering a speech at Central High School – which is only a mile away from the Phoenix VA hospital.

Since the wait list scandal broke at the Phoenix VA hospital and evolved into a national scandal that revealed the poor state of veterans healthcare in America, President Obama has not visited a single VA hospital to see firsthand how the VA is failing to serve our nation’s veterans. Worse, President Obama has not lived up to his campaign promises to fix the VA for our nation’s veterans; instead, problems at the VA have only gotten worse under his watch.

Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, issued the following statement in advance of President Obama’s visit to Phoenix, Arizona:

“The Phoenix VA was ground zero in the secret wait list scandal that eventually revealed massive fraud and the deaths of dozens — if not hundreds — of veterans due to delayed health care at VA facilities across the country.” 

“If President Obama wanted to get the ground truth — and send a signal of strong leadership — he would take the time to visit the Phoenix VA hospital during his forthcoming trip to that neighborhood. Unfortunately, President Obama has yet to show leadership in the fight to reform and fix the VA. Instead, members of his administration have repeatedly tried to downplay the scandal — going so far as to whitewash reports on the deaths of veterans as the result of the use secret wait lists, including at the Phoenix VA hospital.

“In his final two years in office, and with his legacy on the line, we urge President Obama to make VA reform a priority — and embrace real reforms that ensure our veterans receive the quality and timely health care they deserve. He should start by taking a 1-mile detour and visiting the scandal-plagued VA hospital in Phoenix. By visiting the VA hospital in Phoenix, and meeting with the veterans, employees and whistleblowers of the facility that were at the epicenter of a national scandal, President Obama would send the long-overdue signal that he is willing to take this issue head on.”


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