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Concerned Veterans for America Announces Opposition to Senate’s Attempt to Rush Vote on “Veterans First Act” 

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, Va. — Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) today announced its opposition to Sen. Johnny Isakson’s attempt to rush the “Veterans First Act” through the Senate. Concerned Veterans for America previously announced its opposition to the bill as currently written, and called for the Senate to include stronger accountability provisions and eliminate language that would increase bureaucracy. Dan Caldwell, CVA’s vice president for political and legislative action, released the following statement regarding the proposal:

“The Veterans First Act does anything but put veterans first. Instead, it is the product of backroom deals between self-serving politicians and government unions more invested in protecting their interests than in helping veterans. It is simply inexcusable that Sen. Isakson and the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee should rush this toxic legislation through the Senate without a full and public hearing and without allowing other members to offer amendments and changes to the bill. Majority Leader McConnell should not allow this to happen, and should instead allow a full debate to be held and for amendments to be voted on.

“Concerned Veterans for America will continue to watch this debate closely, as will our nationwide network of veterans and military family members who care about these issues. We will continue to hold politicians of both parties accountable when they fail to support legislation that will improve the well-being of veterans who use the VA. Unfortunately, Sen. Isakson and members of the Senate VA Committee have shown the nation where their priorities are in this debate, but we hope members of the Senate will shoulder the responsibility the committee has abandoned: taking care of our veterans, even in the face of opposition.”

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