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Concerned Veterans for America Statement on Commission on Care Final Report

By Concerned Veterans for America

(Arlington, VA) – In response to the release of the Commission on Care’s final report, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA)’s Vice President for Legislative and Political Action Dan Caldwell released the following statement on behalf of CVA:

“While some of the individual recommendations made by the Commission on Care are worthwhile, the Commission’s final report does not create a blueprint for the fundamental, necessary transformation of veterans’ health care and would in effect leave the current system mostly intact. Despite the clear need for a ‘system-wide reworking’ that was identified by the Independent Assessment of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), which was supposed to inform the Commission’s work, the Commission instead chose to recommend reforms that would leave VA bureaucrats firmly in control of veterans’ health care. In particular, the recommendation to create VHA-managed health care networks with VHA-credentialed community care providers would still provide too many opportunities for the VA bureaucrats to constrain veteran health care freedom — just as they have done with the implementation of the VA choice card.

“The Commission on Care’s final report does further substantiate that the VA health care system is still facing serious access issues and is providing an inconsistent level of quality of care across the country. Unfortunately, many of the reforms that the Commission proposes will at best only temporarily alleviate these serious issues, and will keep the VHA from successfully caring for veterans in the long-term.”

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