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Concerned Veterans for America Responds to VA’s Refusal to Use Accountability Authority

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, Va. — Concerned Veterans for America Press Secretary John Cooper released the following statement responding to the news that the VA will no longer use the authority given it by the 2014 VA reform law to hold senior employees accountable:

“This announcement by the VA makes one thing clear: it is not serious about fighting for accountability, even at the highest levels of the department. Even when given tools by Congress to hold employees accountable, the VA has shown that it would rather take the easy road, one which avoids the politically motivated criticism of government unions and special interests.

“The answer to this accountability crisis, however, is not watered-down legislation like the Veterans First Act, which would lock in numerous loopholes that protect poorly performing employees and empower VA bureaucrats to shield themselves from scrutiny. Instead, Congress should approve the VA Accountability Act, which would give the next generation of leaders at the VA the ability to pursue accountability and ensure veterans can trust the care they receive.

“Unfortunately, this leadership failure has real impacts on our veterans. It is time someone at the VA stood up for them.”

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