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Boehner offers debt-ceiling increase in cliff compromise

By Concerned Veterans for America

The fact that the United States is yet again approaching the debt ceiling—less than 18 months after the last time we raised the debt limit and for the eighth time since 2001—demonstrates that our leaders have done next to nothing to address mounting debt and systemic spending problems. Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America said the following:

“It’s unfortunate that the debt ceiling has become simply a political chip in high-stakes Washington poker game, rather than a wakeup-call for reform. Speaker Boehner’s recent offer to push the debt limit debate off for a year, though well-intended, won’t get us any closer to addressing the reality of our nation’s $16 trillion debt.  A deal is needed to avoid sequestration and induce spending reform, and will require presidential leadership. “It’s therefore unconscionable that President Obama has failed to seize the opportunity to work with Congress to develop a viable solution to the completely foreseeable situation of the ‘fiscal cliff.’  If we can’t count on our leaders to work together to confront crises that arrive with several months of advance warning, how can we ever trust them to competently address a crisis that is completely unforeseen? This is shaping up to be a failure of capable governance at the highest level.”

Americans can be forgiven for not feeling very merry about the message that Washington is sending this Christmas. While Congress breaks for yet another long holiday, the American people get a lump of coal.

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