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Friday’s Top Links

By Emilye Bell

Friday’s Top Links

Check out this week’s top links from around the web:

New whistleblower allegations are emerging that the VA’s transplant process is broken. A Texas veteran had a kidney transplant approved, however the VA would not pay for his transplant as the kidney came from his non-veteran son.

Remember when a VA facility in Chicago was found to be infested with cockroaches? Well another Illinois VA facility is dealing with its own vermin problem. Bed bugs have invaded a Danville area facility for the third time.

Earlier this year, VA hospitals all around the country were found to have improperly conducted TBI examinations. A veteran in Missouri is now taking action in court claiming his TBI exam was conducted by a psychology intern.

The Pentagon’s Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense is looking to the private sector for new suit ideas and technology in the face of chemical and biological threats. Companies such as Under Armor and Lululemon are involved in the project.

Yesterday the State Department classified the $400 million paid to Iran at the time five prisoners were released as “leverage” rather than ransom. State Department spokesman John Kirby stated “we don’t pay ransom… there were opportunities we took advantage of, and as a result we got American citizens back home.”

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