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Concerned Veterans for America Conducts Town Hall with Rep. Ron DeSantis

By John Cooper

Concerned Veterans for America Conducts Town Hall with Rep. Ron DeSantis

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Last Friday, Concerned Veterans for America held a town hall with Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis in Tampa, Florida, as part of its “Defend and Reform” series. The town hall focused on discussing the problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs, reforming the VA, and honoring the sacrifice of our service members.

The event was attended by about 80 local veterans and concerned citizens who want to see the VA reformed and America kept safe by a military unencumbered by waste and fraud.

The crowd was invested in questioning the congressman on important matters, like what can be done to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs, why the Veterans First Act is a faulty piece of legislation, and why the Choice Card Program is not working. DeSantis reiterated that the federal government has done a poor job managing its responsibility to care for veterans and ensuring the well-being of the nation.

In particular, DeSantis agreed that the Choice Card Program has not worked well because the VA maintains control over whether veterans can receive private care. It simply is not real choice. Veterans deserve to choose where to receive their care, but the program does not offer them that, and it does not help many of the veterans waiting a month or more for care.

One thing was clear from the town hall: veterans and their families are frustrated with the federal government’s response to the issues of our day, and with the VA’s inability to properly care for veterans. The bureaucrats running the VA do not seem to care about their struggles, or even to acknowledge that they exist. These veterans and their families were promised care and respect, and in many cases have not received either.