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CVA in the News

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Do These Lawmakers Really Support Veterans?

Presidential bill signing ceremonies typically make for great photo ops – the president signs while surrounded by lawmakers and others who were instrumental in its passage.

But what’s wrong with the VA reform bill picture? Oddly enough, many of those standing closest to the president did little to support the bill and in some cases even introduced poison pills during final negotiations to try to kill it.

By Concerned Veterans | Friday, August 15th 2014

Hegseth: Why is VA Secretary McDonald Urging Respect for Unaccountable Bureaucrats Instead of Vets?

Department of Veterans Affairs employees who are being fired amidst a nationwide VA scandal have got to be treated with respect and “allowed a certain due process,” VA Secretary Bob McDonald said yesterday at a press conference in Memphis.

By Emily Laird | Friday, August 15th 2014

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Op-Ed | VA Reform Bill Is Just Starting Point

With the overwhelmingly bipartisan vote for the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, Congress passed the most significant reforms to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in decades. And, right on cue, here come the grumblings from the second-guessers.

By Emily Laird | Thursday, August 14th 2014

VA Accountability: New Ad Tells Kay Hagan to Keep Promises to NC Veterans

Raleigh, NC – Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) hosted a veterans rally on Thursday, August 7th, shortly after President Obama signed a crucial VA reform bill. The rally highlighted the importance of the bill, as well as the necessity to keep the pressure on to ensure accountability and transparency become a part of the VA’s new culture.

To emphasize this, CVA not only used the rally to call out North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan for her less than glowing record on veterans, but they followed it up with a TV ad exposing the same truths, all of which was backed by a $1.6 million ad buy.

By Phil Hegseth | Monday, August 11th 2014

Building on our 2013 #MillionVetBacklog effort, the 2014 #VAaccountability Project is an ambitious project to bring long-overdue accountability to VA. In addition to information about VA problems and solutions, the project’s website — — will provide concrete ways for CVA members and all Americans to demand accountability at Veterans Affairs.





Mission NOT accomplished. Contrary to President Obama’s remarks, the persecution of Iraqi Yazidis continues. It’s time we see an effort carried out to its true finish, not its most convenient end for us. #HumanitarianCrisis #ISIS

We had a great time this past weekend at the Olmsted Falls Heritage Days. We talked to many veterans, military families, and supporters of the cause. Patriotism and the urgency to #DefendFreedom are alive and well here in Ohio. Is there an upcoming event you think we should be at? Let us know! — with Barbara Bower and 4 others in Olmsted Falls, OH.