CVA in the News

CVA in the News

Concerned Veterans for America on Firing of Former Phoenix VA Hospital Director: Good Riddance

Sharon Helman, the former director of the Phoenix VA hospital where dozens of veterans died while they were on secret wait lists, was finally fired after 207 days on taxpayer-funded paid administrative leave.

By Pete Hegseth | Monday, November 24th 2014

Chuck Hagel
Concerned Veterans for America Welcomes Secretary Hagel’s Resignation

Today, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) CEO Pete Hegseth made the following statement on behalf of CVA in regards to resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel:

By Pete Hegseth | Monday, November 24th 2014

Op-ed | Abandoning Kiowa Is A Huge Mistake

Flying a helicopter in combat a couple of hundred feet above a firefight, fully armed with rockets and a .50-cal machine gun, cleared hot and inbound to a target, provides an adrenaline rush few experience. But those of us who have belong to an exclusive team, one that will soon be a thing of the past.

By Emily Laird | Friday, November 21st 2014

Iraqi Freedom
Op-ed | There Are Two Ways To Fight ISIS: The Right Way, And Obama’s Way

An ISIS video emerged on Sunday that showed American and former Army Ranger, Peter Kassig, beheaded along with over a dozen Syrian soldiers. To date, five Westerners have been held captive, presumably tortured, used as propaganda and then brutally murdered.

By Emily Laird | Thursday, November 20th 2014

Building on our 2013 #MillionVetBacklog effort, the 2014 #VAaccountability Project is an ambitious project to bring long-overdue accountability to VA. In addition to information about VA problems and solutions, the project’s website — — will provide concrete ways for CVA members and all Americans to demand accountability at Veterans Affairs.





In remembrance of those abroad who can’t be with their families for this #thanksgiving. Thank you – your sacrifices are never forgotten.