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Wednesday’s Top Links

By Emilye Bell

Wednesday’s Top Links

Check out this week’s top links from around the web:

ISIS took credit for the terrorist activity in Orlando, Fla., over the weekend. Forty-nine people were killed in nightclub shoot early Sunday morning by a man who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State.

Last night, the Senate approved the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act despite a veto threat from President Obama. The bill has support from both sides of the aisle and includes measures towards acquisition reform.

Investigation is underway at a VA facility in Montana after a whistleblower claims she was retaliated against after reporting a patient safety issue. The whistleblower claims there is a “culture of fear” in this facility, which is consistent with claims in other facilities.

An Iowa native who was killed in Afghanistan five years ago has been memorialized with the Cedar Rapids Post Office being named in his honor. Sgt. First Class Terryl Pasker served with the Iowa Army National Guard and was killed after electing to serve in a second deployment.

Around 200 people attended the funeral of Navy veteran Serina Vine, yet Vine was unknown to all who were there. After the homeless veteran passed away, Maj. Jaspen Boothe, a fellow veteran, heard Vine’s funeral attendance would be scarce and started a social media campaign leading to the huge turnout.

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