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U.S. Army – 241 Years of Defending Freedom

By Jason Beardsley

U.S. Army – 241 Years of Defending Freedom

241 years ago today, the Continental Congress adopted “the American continental army” to fight the colonies’ battle for freedom from the British. Since then, the United States Army has dedicated countless hours and thousands of lives to the same cause of freedom. In the battles against evil, the battles against communism, and the battles against terror – the Army has been there to protect and defend.

The United States of America rests on the foundations of peace and strength guaranteed by our military forces of which the United States Army has served with distinction and honor. The very freedoms, rights, and privileges we cherish come at the cost of the lives given in oath and lost in violence with the support of soldiers past, present and future.

It is a privilege to have been allowed to wear the uniform representing such a proud and distinctive tradition. I am honored knowing that we agreed to sacrifice for the cause of our country and in return were rewarded with a shared fraternity that transcends us all and echoes the great traditions and fights that preceded our great nation’s founding.

Today we remember those whose destiny, through the Army, called them to serve, improve and remember the institution that gave birth to our proven honor through blood, sweat and tears. We remember that 241 years ago, what was looked on as an “army of rabble” by its enemy would become the strongest military on earth, calling on millions to serve.

We best remember by cherishing that which is its first cause, the institution it is formed to protect. We best remember by cherishing America.