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This week on the Hill

By Concerned Veterans for America

This week on the Hill

Congress heads into this week with Thanksgiving break on the horizon, but they certainly have a lot to get done in the meantime. Tax reform and a new nominee for Health and Human Services secretary will take up much of the time and talk on the Hill this week, but there’s plenty going on that effects our veterans.

Tomorrow, the House Rules Committee will meet to discuss voting rules on the Asset and Infrastructure Review Act of 2017. This legislation was voted out of committee last week along party and would allow the VA to review and assess its old and underutilized facilities. This will ensure that the VA is able to put its resources in the facilities that need them most, so the department is not wasting funds on unused facilities. A vote on the Asset and Infrastructure Review Act should follow in the days after the Rules Committee reviews the legislation.

On Wednesday, VA Secretary David Shulkin will testify before the House Committee on Appropriations on Electronic Health Records. The VA has long been in need of an updated electronic health record system and will now be joining forces with the Department of Defense to share a health records platform.

Finally, on Friday, the House Veterans Affairs Committee will hold a field hearing as they begin their Thanksgiving break. The Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity will meet at Texas Tech University in Lubbock to discussion veterans’ education as well as the veteran transition back to civilian life.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on veterans issues in Washington, DC.

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