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The National Debt: America’s Greatest Security Threat

By Concerned Veterans for America

The National Debt: America’s Greatest Security Threat


Since its founding, Concerned Veterans for America’s mission has been to advocate for policies that will preserve the freedom and prosperity that we and our families proudly fought for while in uniform. Unfortunately, that freedom and prosperity that so many have sacrificed for is coming under an increased threat from a faceless enemy here at home: our country’s $19 trillion national debt. 

Our national debt – which continues to grow every day at unsustainable rates – threatens our economy by shaking investor confidence in the United States and risking higher interest rates and levels of inflation. In addition, it threatens our ability to provide for a strong national defense by putting further strain on the federal budget and inhibiting our economy, which has always enabled the United States to have a technologically advanced and well-trained military.

It is for these reasons that prominent military leaders like former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen and General James Mattis consider our national debt one of our greatest long term national security threats.   

This is why CVA is launching Target the Debt – a campaign that is designed to raise awareness of the threat of our national debt and to encourage Washington to take serious and meaningful action to put our country back on a sound fiscal path. Since 2009, our national debt has grown by 81 percent, yet President Obama and elected leaders in both parties in Congress have not enacted a realistic plan to simply bring our budget back into balance and to start paying down our national debt.

The prosperity that veterans fought for is slipping away through increasingly high levels of debt and spending. Veterans fought to maintain American prosperity and national security – not to see them run into the ground by politicians’ financial mismanagement. Join us in this fight today by visiting and taking action to fight this grave threat to the future of our country.