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For decades, our country’s approach to foreign policy brought disastrous results – two major wars, dozens of other military engagements around the world, trillions of dollars spent, and thousands of lives lost.

We need a better approach.

Tell Washington it’s time to rethink foreign policy.

Why Rethink Foreign Policy? Realism Restraint In practice Take action

Why Rethink Foreign Policy?

For the past 30 years, a misguided notion of how to engage with the world has brought us into two major wars and dozens of other military engagements in other countries.

Presidents, Congress, military leaders, and foreign policy “experts” have all perpetuated the idea that for the U.S. to be strong and safe, it needs to use its military resources first and often and around the globe.

But the costs of the post-9/11 wars — more than $6 trillion spent, 7,000 service members killed, and tens of thousands more wounded — tell us this approach isn’t working.

We need a better approach rooted in a more realistic view of the world and committed to a restrained use of military power.


The world is a dangerous place. The men and women of our military know that better than anyone and have fought to keep us safe here at home.

But this doesn’t mean it is in the country’s best interest to send troops around the world to fix things.


A restrained foreign policy doesn’t mean isolation from the world or refusing to go to war. When protecting and securing vital national interests, the U.S. should be ready to use military force, but only as a last resort.

But the use of force is just one tool in the toolbox.

Rethinking Foreign Policy in practice

What does rethinking foreign policy look like in practice?

  • Withdrawing from endless wars to focus on actual threats.

    • We should bring our troops home from the “forever wars” that put service members dangerous situations way due to counter-productive missions that don’t advance core U.S. interests.

  • Reestablishing Congress’ role in decisions about war and peace.

    • The Constitution puts Congress in charge of authorizing military operations that put our troops in harm’s way. Congress must take back its vital role in matters of war and peace, rather than defer to the president.

  • Repealing old war authorizations and reforming war powers legislation.

    • Outdated Authorizations for Use of Military Force are used to justify operations far outside their original scope. This turns them into blank checks for military action whenever the President chooses. Congress needs to repeal these old AUMFs and reform war powers to ensure proper votes on military action take place.

Take action

Realism and restraint are the keys to a foreign policy that truly keeps America safe. Tell Washington it’s time to Rethink Foreign Policy.


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