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Our nation’s veterans, their families, and their communities have sacrificed for this country…for our freedoms…for our future. They sacrificed abroad to secure domestic prosperity.

Are those sacrifices being honored?

Actions must be taken by principled, courageous leaders to promote a better American foreign policy, address the threat of our national debt, and improve access to health care for veterans. We all need to speak up and make sure our elected leaders are pursuing policies that honor our veterans’ sacrifices and make our country more prosperous and secure.

Our veterans fought for the freedom of all Americans. Let’s honor their sacrifice.

Rethink Foreign Policy

We are currently fighting America’s longest war with no end in sight.

Soon, recruits deploying to Afghanistan will be younger than the war they are being sent to fight. After 18 years of conflict, thousands of lives lost, and trillions of taxpayer dollars spent, it’s time to bring our troops home. Our country’s security doesn’t require spending more tax dollars on unsuccessful nation-building or putting more American lives in harm’s way in Afghanistan. Honor their sacrifice by telling your lawmakers you support ending the war in Afghanistan and bringing our troops home.

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Target The Debt

Our national debt has surpassed $22 trillion and will soon hit $23 trillion. Did our veterans sacrifice abroad so Washington could put the country into financial ruin at home? Is Washington taking spending seriously?

Our country’s debt, and lawmakers’ unwillingness to curb it, is one of the biggest threats to our national security today. As veterans, we didn’t defend our country abroad so reckless spending could ruin it domestically. Honor their sacrifice by targeting the debt and telling our lawmakers “enough is enough!” It’s time to get serious about cutting wasteful and irresponsible spending!

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Veteran's Health Care

Veterans fought in defense of our nation and our freedoms. When they return home, veterans deserve the care our nation promised them.

What they get instead is a bureaucratic monopoly over their health care. Just as tens of millions of Americans choose which doctor, which facility, or which provider they think is best for them; so should veterans have the choice. Honor their sacrifice by telling your lawmaker you support veterans having more choice in where, when, and how they receive their health care.

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