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Colorado 2021 Policy Agenda

Elected officials in Colorado must remain focused on the well-being of over 400,000 veterans that call Colorado home– whether it is ending endless wars, expanding health care choice, reforming our occupational licensing laws, or lowering taxes our elected officials should help drive economic growth and opportunity for Colorado veterans to reach their full potential.

The mission of the Colorado chapter of Concerned Veterans for America is to preserve the freedom and prosperity we and our families fought and sacrificed to defend – this means engaging policymakers in the following areas:


Sending American troops into harm’s way is one of the most important votes Congress can take, but too often, our legislative branch shirks this Constitutional duty. Without debate and votes on military deployments, the United States risks entering and staying in endless wars that don’t keep America safe. State legislators can remind Congress of its responsibility and the will of their constituents by calling for War Powers reform and to #EndEndlessWars.


Colorado currently ranks as one of the best states for access to health care! Unfortunately, that ranking is in jeopardy as politicians continue to expand government-run health care that limits options. Every Colorado veteran deserves access to quality, affordable health care that best fits their unique needs – whether that be at Department of Veterans Affairs facilities or from local providers. It’s time we Reimagine Health Care and remove the barriers standing in the way of an improved healthcare system for Colorado veterans and their families.


Occupational licenses are “permission slips” the government requires individuals to obtain to work in certain professions. Occupational licensing laws make it harder for Colorado veterans and their families to begin a new career doing what they love. Colorado veterans, and those wishing to move to Colorado to contribute to its economy, deserve the dignity of personal choice and the ability to support their families without undue government burdens. Because every military family eventually becomes a civilian family, any reforms should include universal eligibility so all Coloradans can benefit. According to a November 2018 study by the Institute for Justice, these regulations cost our state over $5.6 billion in economic growth and more than 57,000 jobs while doing little to protect public health and safety. Our elected officials should follow the lead of states — such as Mississippi and Arizona — and reduce these barriers to create more opportunity and #LetColoradoWork.


Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, or TABOR, helps keep state spending in check and helps keep our economy strong by permitting voters the opportunity to approve any proposed tax increases or any new, excessive fees. Despite its overwhelming support, politicians and special interests have worked tirelessly to circumvent TABOR by utilizing loopholes to increase state spending. This past November, Coloradans overwhelmingly passed Proposition 117, which strengthens TABOR by helping to close the “fee loophole.” Our elected officials must stand on the side of Coloradans in their support for transparency, accountability, and sound governance and #ProtectTABOR