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Limiting health care options for veterans is dangerous and unsustainable

Recently, opponents of commonsense VA reforms have claimed the department and veterans would be better served by limiting veterans access to non-VA care and instead pouring more money into an already bloated VA system. Two VA experts, Darin Selnick and Brooks Tucker, responded to such misplaced suggestions in The Hill. In what has become an… Read more »

By Emilye Bell
Monday, September 26th 2022

What is the GHAPS Act, and why is it important to veterans?

The Guaranteeing Healthcare Access to Personnel Who Served (GHAPS) Act represents a crucial step in putting veterans at the center of their health care. The bill would build on the foundational success of the VA MISSION Act, a landmark law that empowered more veterans with greater choice over where they access medical care. The GHAPS… Read more »

By Emilye Bell
Friday, August 26th 2022

Veterans share their unique perspectives and experiences during Vets on the Hill

Each year, Concerned Veterans for America brings in staff from around the country for them to do what they do best: advocate policy changes that are good for veterans and the country. This event, known as Vets on the Hill, is all about veterans sharing their unique experiences and perspectives with lawmakers to drive positive… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Wednesday, August 10th 2022

Montana veteran: Protecting facilities isn’t the same as protecting access to care

When a group of senators shut down any progress on the Asset and Infrastructure Review (AIR) Commission, they didn’t just stop underused or empty facilities from being closed. They stopped modernization of outdated facilities and expansion of partnerships that would provide veterans with the care they need — and deserve. Under the guise of protecting… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Monday, August 1st 2022

‘I am very thankful for the MISSION Act’: Veterans share stories and struggles with VA and community care

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been misrepresenting appointment wait times and blocking veterans’ access to needed health care. Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request expose methods the VA is using to skirt requirements in the VA MISSION Act  to prevent veterans from using the community care option and keep them in… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Monday, May 23rd 2022

The VA has released recommendations for better health care. Here are four questions we still have.

You might have seen news outlets covering recommendations for streamlining veterans’ care from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Those recommendations represent a giant step in the Asset and Infrastructure Review process that will allow the VA to cut through waste and bureaucracy and adapt to veterans’ evolving needs. But misinformed concerns about these recommendations have… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Friday, April 29th 2022

Scandal has become the status quo at VA eight years after Phoenix

Eight years ago, the Phoenix Veterans Affairs scandal broke, alerting the public to egregious mismanagement of veterans care. A concerted effort at the Phoenix VA to manipulate and cover up appointment wait times kept veterans away from needed medical care. Inspector General and Government Accountability Office investigators found the manipulation was being practiced all over the… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Friday, April 8th 2022