June 1, 2018

#VAFail – More Trouble at the DC VA Medical Center

The facility that’s earned itself just two out of five stars from the VA can’t stay out of the news. Earlier this month, an air cooling pipe burst at the D.C. VA Medical Center which lead to flooding on five levels of the hospital and postponement of multiple procedures. Ok, so pipes burst, what’s the… Read more »

May 1, 2018

#VAFail – Pictures of Trash-Filled Clinic Room Spark Investigation

“It’s kind of weird that the people who are there to service us kind of see us as a hindrance more than anything. We don’t seem to be a priority.” Those are the words of Army veteran Christopher Wilson after visiting a Department of Veterans Affairs clinic in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago…. Read more »

March 21, 2018

Years Later, VA Hospitals Are Still Inaccurately Reporting Wait Times for Vets

The Department of Veterans Affairs promised over and over again that it would fix the long wait times after the Phoenix VA scandal. But the problems continue. A recent report from the VA Office of the Inspector General found VA hospitals throughout the Midwest are inaccurately reporting wait times for hundreds of veterans. The official… Read more »

March 9, 2018

#VAFail – See What the OIG Found After Investigating the D.C. VA

If there is one facility within the entire Department of Veterans Affairs that shouldn’t have rampant management and safety problems, it’s the hospital in Washington, D.C.   This facility is directly under the noses of top VA leadership, Congress and the White House. Of all the VA hospitals, you’d think this one would pay special attention to patient safety, protocol and quick problem-solving.  If… Read more »

March 1, 2018

#VAFail: VA Chief of Medicine Spends Last Days Detailing Poor Care and Misconduct at Massachusetts VA Facilities

A chief of medicine for the Department of Veterans Affairs used her last days to shed light on poor veteran care in central and western Massachusetts. Dr. Sarah Kemble passed away from cancer in December of last year, shortly after finishing an affidavit detailing what she witnessed while working at the VA.  Kemble joined the VA in 2014. During her time… Read more »

February 23, 2018

Memphis VA Employees Got Paid for Extra Leave, Jail Time?

The Memphis Commercial Appeal has reported on another serious ethical breach by employees of a local VA hospital. The newspaper is reporting allegations that an official at the Memphis Veterans Affairs Medical Center was repeatedly falsifying time cards for hospital employees, in effect allowing them to be paid for for time off from working that… Read more »

January 23, 2018

#VAFail: Doctor Leaves Scalpel in Veteran, Causing Him Years of Pain

In 2013, Glenford Turner, an Army veteran, had surgery at the Veterans Affairs hospital in West Haven, CT. But even after recovering from the surgery, Turner experienced abdominal pain. VA doctors couldn’t figure out what was causing the problem, and Turner suffered for the next four years. Then, in 2017, Turner underwent an MRI—and the… Read more »