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2016 Legislative Agenda

Real Health Care Choice for Veterans and Greater #VAAccountability

VA Taskforce logo The Veterans Independence Act

These reforms will transform how the VA delivers health care to eligible veterans by providing veterans real choice and reforming VHA to provide timely and quality healthcare.

CVA is working with numerous offices to introduce these reforms, based on a series of recommendation from our bipartisan Fixing Veteran’s Health Care Taskforce, in legislative form and welcomes additional original co-sponsors.

VA Accountability Act (S. 1082, H.R. 1994)

This act further empowers the VA Secretary to remove poor-performing managers and employees throughout the VA’s ranks— not just senior executives.

It takes far too long to fire most bad VA managers and employees—further contributing to the VA’s dysfunctional and toxic culture. This bill, introduced by House VA Committee Chairman Jeff Miller, seeks to address this egregious issue.

Veterans Access to Community Care Act (S. 207, HR. 572)

These bills will empower veterans to get the timely access to care they were promised via the Veterans Choice Card, an essential part of the 2014 VA Reform bill.

Military Voting Reform


This act is meant to weaken and eliminate the impediments to voting faced by many troops and military families.

The Safeguarding Elections for our Nation’s Troops through Reforms and Improvements Act (or SENTRI Act) requires states to ensure troops receive absentee ballots at least 45 days before Election Day and mandates that states no longer be granted waivers from these standards.

CVA is working to ensure the act is reintroduced and passed into law in 2016.

 Spending Reform and Debt Reduction


A Balanced Budget that Reforms Entitlements

We support passing a budget that reforms America’s exploding entitlement programs, balances the budget, and addresses our growing—and dangerous—national debt.

As indicated by respected military leaders like Admiral Mike Mullen and General James Mattis, our national debt the greatest long-term security threat facing the United States.